Studies for our book cover

Here are nine studies finely crafted by fabulous Ianree B. Raquel for our book cover.

Would appreciate your inputs, folks.  Let’s please choose one.


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10 responses to “Studies for our book cover

  1. qwerty

    sheep on top at sheep apart are very good. people is very used.

  2. i go for the red heart. catchy sya

  3. Catherine

    My preference is the “Dark with Shadow” … i think that this makes the book eye catching and intriguing…

    BTW, love your blog.

  4. Alona

    Red heart, Herdz.

  5. sir, pwede ung red heart.. ..

  6. akosikenneth

    dark with shadow sir masyadong obvious yung red hearts

  7. harris r.

    hi sir herds! i like the sheep apart jumping cover.. lovely! can’t wait to have a copy of your book.. mishyu! =)

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