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“Mutya ng Saging” on March 9

The Cast

The Cast

Ken Edra (left) and Gnez Macaraig play the role of Philip Parker, an American anthropologist.  Daryl Aglipay (center) is kapre.

Ken Edra (left) and Gnez Macaraig play the role of Philip Parker, an American anthropologist. Daryl Aglipay (center) is kapre.

Aside from teaching and writing, I am doing some directing these days.

Stage is my first love.  But there came a point when I had to choose between acting and debating, and I chose the latter–which should explain my theatrical debating style.

Witnessing people’s creativity gives me a different kind of high.  My students in Society and Culture, who are majoring in either Civil Engineering or Accountancy, are also thrilled to discover the actors in them.

I am beginning to think that I might be reaching for more than what my hands could contain.  Still, this artistic endeavor is worth squeezing into my daily grind, which has become terribly fast the past weeks. Continue reading


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Kapag masungkit ko ang jackpot

Ang ‘IN’ na pag-usapan ngayon ay kung ano ang gagawin mo kapag nanalo ka ng jackpot sa lotto.

Tinatayang mahigit 340 million ang maaaring tamaan sa 6/49 Super Lotto jackpot mamayang gabi.

Hayyy, ang sarap nga namang mangarap.

Ang mahalaga sa mga usapang ganito e nababatid mo ang mga bagay na mahalaga sa isang indibidwal.  Malalaman mo kung sinu-sino at anu-ano ba ang kabahagi ng kani-kanilang mga pangarap.

Hayaan po ninyong ibahagi ko sa inyo ang aking mga balakin. Continue reading


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Habang nagbababa ng pamasahe sa buong mundo, Batac City nagtaas

Nagulat at nadismaya ako nang siyam na piso na ang siningil sa akin ng tricycle drayber sa Batac City kanina.  Walong piso lamang ito kahapon.

Ipinanukala ang pagtaas ng pamasahe noong kasagsagan ng pagtaas presyo ng langis.

Ngayong naibsan na ang krisis sa petrolyo at mas mababa pa sa dati ang presyo nito, bakit naman ipinagpatuloy pa rin ang pagtaas ng pamasahe? Continue reading


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Riknakem Presidential Survey

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Hitler’s visit, unbearable speeches, amazing Miss Laoag tilt …and other notes on Pamulinawen Festival 2009


Let me begin by saying ‘Congratulations’ to everyone behind the festival. I know they put in a lot of hard work in the fiesta preparations. By now, I hope they have managed to catch up on sleep, and that their eye bags have disappeared.

I acknowledge that writing a review like this one is a breeze, nothing compared to all the organizers’ sacrifices. They were actors, I was just a spectator. They labored while I savored the moments. I will therefore cushion the blows. Continue reading


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More jobs?

There’s a blog dedicated to tackling the burning issue in Laoag City today–the construction of a mall that will force the demolition of a heritage school.

What follows is a couple of  interviews with Laoag City folks on the issue of job generation.

Will the mall project really generate the around-1000 jobs it promises?  What kind of employment will it offer?  Short-term, contractual jobs?

What do you think, karikna?


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A beauty contestant writes…

woman-shadowI AM one of the candidates of this year’s Miss ABC pageant. I know it’s very embarassing to join such pageant and eventually not having atleast any minor award, but it was fun staying with the ABC Staff for almost a month since the start of practices last January.

Anyway, I didn’t even notice the presentation of the doxology because We were all nervous at the backstage waiting for the production number. I think I agree, a prayer must be solemn and exclusive of Heavenly Images. Continue reading


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